Beyond the Booth – Tips for Creating Value for Event Sponsors

The historic shift within the events industry during 2020, with digital becoming the required platform for engagement, inspired us to reinvent our approach to meeting and event design. And the reinvention continues. For Associations and organizations, a key area of consideration is how to create value for event sponsorships in a digital environment.  With ongoing delays in the return of large in-person meetings, 2021 is the year to get serious and creative about constructing valuable online event sponsorships that bring solid and measurable return for investment.

While there may be some limitations on interactions and networking in a virtual environment, there are several opportunities to leverage online tools and creative approaches that resonate with both sponsors and attendees. It’s time to up our game and go beyond the booth to create a high value marketplace for exhibitors and sponsors with data rich digital sponsorships.

Here are some ways to do just that:

Content Inclusion

Integrate exhibitor sponsor content into mainstream event programming – sponsor-provided subject matter experts, sponsor-specific content offered between sessions, sponsor info-mercials at the beginning or end of sessions, etc.  Offer higher-tier sponsors one of your main keynote sessions with more publicity reach, while lower-tier sponsors can take breakout session content or lunch and learns.  Your event live stream can also feature sponsor-exclusive messages and promotions through a dedicated content delivery track, during transitional break.

Brand Identification

Integrate banners, pop-up ads and logo placement on prominent pages to provide sponsors with brand identity throughout the program.

Networking Forums

Facilitate attendee discussions with exhibitors and sponsors through table talk forums and structured conversation circles.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Expand the power of peer-to-peer learning through digital poster sessions that are integrated into the digital engagement experience, utilizing specialized applications and technology.

It’s All About the Numbers

Preserve and expand the integrity of CE programming and accreditation by leveraging the data collection and analytics provided by robust digital engagement technology platforms while also using this data to verify and promote brand impression measures. You could also provide your sponsors with valuable lead data and demographics collected from attendees during registration, polls or Q+A sessions.

Access to Digital Assets

Provide timeless value to members by developing an online library of digital assets that premier at virtual events, and promote them through the association’s own content channel, thus providing sponsors with timeless promotion and brand impression.

Event Apps

As apps become an increasingly vital part of events, they can be used to engage remote attendees just as effectively given the focus on the screens and the perfect placement for take anywhere sponsor branding and messaging.

Brand the Registration

Similar to an in-person registration process, utilize the online registration page or website for sponsorship brand opportunities in the prime real estate space. Side banners or pop ups are a great way to gain additional exposure.

Play to the Senses

Unique digital experiences designed to attract audiences requires planners to push the limits of immersive, multisensory engagement. Sponsored digital experiences enhanced with experience boxes delivered to the homes of remote participants, bring the digital event to life in shared community with the much-needed touch, taste, sights and sounds for optimum engagement. Did we mention they are a great tactile billboard for sponsor branding, too?

Branded Breakouts and Break Boxes

As participants take five to refocus, reenergize and renew, sponsored break outs combined with delivered break boxes ensure participants get the much needed pause from screen time while reinforcing sponsor promotion. Include dedicated live-stream feeds for breakouts or informal chat for attendees to connect to replicate the exhibit booth interaction.

Brand Engagement Tools

Utilize session polls, chats, Q+A sessions and social media for additional sponsor branding opportunities. Allow sponsors to interact during the polls, chats and Q+As answering some of the questions posed and empower the chat host to promote sponsor solutions that respond to attendee questions.

Ready to start planning now?

With a little creativity, you can utilize some of the traditional in-person sponsorship opportunities and rework them for a digital environment. Our team at PRA Digital has worked with several organizations helping to increase value for event sponsorships in a digital environment. Let us help guide you in design the right approach to your digital and hybrid programming. We’re ready! Click here to get started today.

Reach out to with questions or visit PRA Digital to learn more.

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